Unlock New Possibilities with Viskam

AI-Powered Vision Solution

Viskam is not just a camera—it’s the all-in-one solution that integrates the latest advancements in vision technology to open up new horizons for your projects.

Key Features & Benefits

High-Power GPU technology

Viskam delivers real-time video and image analysis, allowing faster decisions and enhanced security. 

Supports both closed and open-source models

Allowing for shorter development cycles and reduced costs.

OPC UA Connectivity

Allows seamless integration with Industry 4.0.

Integrated Camera and PC functionalities

Allows direct connection to external devices, ensuring a cost-effective approach to innovation, streamlined setup and enhanced efficiency.

Example Use Cases

Counting, Defect Detection, Part Classification, Vehicle Detection, OCR / Text Reading, Microscopy, Video Recording.

Why Choose Viskam?

Experience the future of vision technology with Viskam.
Transform your processes, enhance your security, and open up new opportunities with the all-in-one solution that sees beyond the ordinary.

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