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About us

Viska Systems are advanced automation specialists in the areas of Machine Vision, Robotics, and LabVIEW development. We design/build high-accuracy manufacturing and measurement automation systems for the medical device, automotive, electronics, semi-conductor, and research industries.

We work on a partnership basis with our customers and suppliers and aim to become the ‘go-to’ specialists for their most demanding automation requirements. At Viska Systems, we pride ourselves on our ability to apply our scientific level expertise combined with our experience in the industrial field to add value to our clients’ projects.

Our Mission & Vision

With scientific level know-how and an innovative mindset, Viska Systems delivers customised automated solutions to the most complex manufacturing challenges that enable our customers to achieve automated processes to a level they previously thought impossible.

Our aim is to become the market leader in the fields of Industrial Machine Vision (especially in the application of Artificial Intelligence), high-accuracy robotics & automation, and to further solidify Viska Systems’ position as Irish market leader in LabVIEW development. Our ambition is to lead the lasting successful automation of the most complex manufacturing challenges.

Through dedication and engineering excellence, to be a trailblazer in the development and support of the next generation micro & nano technologies for the good of humankind.

Our Core Values

  • Technical Pioneership– always at the front of our field, and never stagnant.
  • Self-Improvement & Actualisation – with a life-long learning philosophy, we outperform our competitors by having multi-disciplinary expertise. 
  • Gratitude– genuinely grateful for the opportunities we have, and never complacent or entitled.
  • Fortitude– when the going gets hard, we push harder as a team. 
  • Accountability– taking ownership. 

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