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Electronics / Semiconductor

Electronics manufacturers and suppliers rely on machine vision solutions to solve their most difficult production and packaging challenges while meeting stringent safety and quality requirements. The use of sensors, vision systems, and image-based barcode readers allow electronics industry to eliminate defects, verify assembly, and track and capture information during the production lifecycle in order to achieve maximum quality, high yields, and traceability.

Vision systems and barcode readers

Vision systems and barcode readers satisfy the widest range of guidance, inspection, alignment, measurement, and identification applications for capital equipment suppliers to semiconductor device and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers. Machine vision is a critical tool in PCB alignment; SMD picking, placement, and mounting verification; and solder validation.

Vision and barcode reading solutions inspect LCD displays for single pixel defects; verify the correct placement of keypads, gaskets, and other components; automatically read bar code labels for part tracking; and inspect product enclosures for scratches and other defects. Vision solutions perform slider head optical character recognition (OCR) to read laser-engraved codes, as well as guide hub and platter assembly, and also perform Head Gimbal Assembly (HGA) guidance to locate and measure the positions of the slider head and suspicion arm.

Electronics manufacturers have systems in place to provide a trail of information that follows each item through the supply chain. To ensure product safety and efficient recalls, producers must be able to quickly identify and locate potentially faulty items in the supply chain that could pose a hazard to consumers. Traceability optimises the availability and use of production tools and minimises distribution of non-conforming products. Vision systems and image-based barcode readers are key components to a simple yet robust traceability system.

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