Image Processing Development

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Image Processing Development

The process of implementing a successful machine vision system, depends not only on hardware installation, but mostly on the development of the image processing algorithms. These algorithms are used to perform automated analysis on the images captured by the camera system, and for the overall system to achieve the optimal return on investment, it is imperative that the machine vision system can make the correct decision or measurement on the manufacturing line. There are hundreds of vision tools that can be implemented, and there are many ways of achieving an airport from the vision system: however, not all of these methods are equal in real life performance.

Deep learning process

At Viska Systems, we have successfully installed countless vision systems, which annually inspect millions of products, on applications such a complex optical-character-recognition, barcode reading, part dimension measurement, or surface quality inspection. We have the experience to help you achieve your automated vision inspection goals.

At Viska Systems, we leverage a wide variety of vision tools and techniques, including Cognex VisionPro, Cognex VisionPro Deep Learning (formerly Cognex ViDi), and NI Vision tools. We have an in-house vision development lab with access to the latest lighting, optics, computing, and camera technologies, which enables us to develop the optimal image processing strategy for your application. So, whether you’re trying to optimize your OCR read rates, or measure dimensions to 1000th of a millimeter, contact Viska systems today to find out how we can take your application to the next level.

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